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Karen Geninatti  
Ranked #13 in the world in Tower running

Tower RunningFor the past 2 years I have ended my Tower Running season ranked #13 in the world (females) , #5 in the U.S., and #1 over 50 years old female.

What is Tower Running?  Tower Running is racing to the top of Tall skyscrapers. Some events are held in outdoor stadiums, but most in tall buildings. Most events are for Charity, but not all. Many are for the American Lung Association---we use our lungs for those who can’t.

I greatly enjoy competing in Tower running and I am a member of the “Wet Coast Labels/Running Raw/ XGYM” team, based out of L.A. Our team is the fastest team in the U.S. I have been on the team since 2010, but have been climbing competitively since 2009.  We are a very close supportive team, referring to each other as “Step Brothers and Sisters.”

My first stair climb ever was in 1996, but at the time it was not a very popular event, so my participation was limited.

I travel across the U.S. competing- L.A., Seattle, Chicago, St. Louis, Los Vegas. My goal is to beat my previous time at a climb that I have done before. I have done that repeatedly this past year. At the Willis climb in Chicago (103 floors) I took 2 minutes and 14 seconds off my previous time, placing the 5th woman overall and 1 st in my age group. (Time 18:45)
Participants are lined up in the stair well (with Elite/fast climbers first) and a person is sent into the stair well about every 8-10 seconds. You are timed from the time you enter the stair well till you reach the top. It has been labeled as the hardest sport there is. Marathoners say it is harder than running a Marathon. I have not done every sport there is, but I do know it is the hardest thing I do. There have been times when I have passed out at the top. Hardly even can you remain on your feet once you reach the top.  You are breathing so hard and your quads are burning by the time your reach 20 floors, and it is just as much a mental sport as physical one at that point. Some climbs are multiples, meaning you climb the stairs multiple times.

Each year, I have a team for the Hilton FIGHT FOR AIR climb in Springfield, IL. Team GENINATTI GYM has been the largest team for 3 years running.