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"THINGS or PEOPLE" may make it harder for us to reach our goals, but WE are the only ones responsible for decisions we make.

Top 10 Nutritional Rules to Follow

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  1. Eat small, frequent meals. 5-6 meals a day, spaced evenly through out the day.
  2. Each Meal should contain a “serving” of lean Protein and Complex Carbohydrate.
  3. Try to consume 1 gram of Lean Protein per pound of desired body weight.
  4. Limit food that contains white flour and sugar. (White Poison)
  5. Become aware of portion sizes. Weigh and measure things if you are not sure.
  6. Have your “starchy” type of carbs early in the day. Evening meal should be lean    protein and veggies.
  7. Coffee, tea, and diet soda are ok in moderations, as long as you are getting at least 64 oz of plain water a day.
  8. KEEP A FOOD LOG! Write in it when you eat, not at the end of the day.
  9. One day a week allow yourself to have a few things you would not normally eat. NOT the whole day, just a meal or two.
  10. When you slip up, learn from your mistake. Don’t beat yourself up. Then just get right back on track.


  1. Everyday Paleo by Sara Fragoso
  2.  “The Complete book of Food Counts”—by Corinne T. Netzer
  3. “Everything you Need to Know About Fat Loss”—by Chris Aceto
  4. “Master Your Metabolism” By: Jillian Micheals
  5. “The Eat Clean Diet Book” by Tosca Reno (also Eat Clean for Men and Kids)
  6. “Eat This, Not That” By David Zinczenko ) also  “Eat This, Not That “for Kids

ACE Certified Lifestyle and Weight Management Consultant
Anti-Aging Specialist
National Level Competitive Bodybuilder