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Why Game On Is So Successful

As most of you know, I have put a lot of research and thought into my GAME ON plan. I am so excited about the results the people doing it have had, but I just want to make sure you understand WHY it is so effective and why I am very strict on you following all components of the program.

Most of you have or will have low calories. I do not worry about this too much because your nutrition will be so high. However, if your calories are very low for serveral days, I will want you to increase them a bit.

On many low calorie diets, people slow their metabolisms down, mainly because they are not taking in enough protein and are not working out. That is why I insist that you take in 100 grams of protein a day...it keeps the metabolism up, and prevents you from losing muscle...which is what happens on diets that do not have adequate protein. Lose of muscle= slower metabolism.

On many low calorie diets, the weight loss comes from water loss-dehydration. This will not be happening on GAME ON because I insist that you keep your water intake at 80 oz a day and more is better. The weight you lose will be fat, not water and not muscle.

On many low calorie diets people resort to faddish 'diet foods", and they do not learn how to eat in a healthy "real food' way for the rest of their life. With GAME ON you are learning how to eat real food for optimum nutrition. No fads or shakes to buy.

On many low calorie diets, the focus is on what you can NOT have. With GAME ON, the focus is on "all the food you get to have".

On many low calorie diets, people starve themselves, going for long periods of time without eating. Wish GAME ON, you are required to eat 5 small meals a day.

With many other programs, there is not a progression into a follow up plan. With Game on, you are still "In the Game" after the first month and forever, still being accountable to me or others in GAME ON.

I hope this information helps you understand why I want you to follow all parts of the program. It may also be helpful when some one ask you about GAME ON. I never want you to do something just because I say to do it, I want you to understand WHY you are doing it.

After your month of GAME ON, you will be given direction on how to progress from there. You can not go back to what you were doing or you will lok and feel how you did before.

I am just as excited about your success as you are!