Fit Tips

You are so much more than a number on the scale.




  1. It's so easy, like you said it would be
  2. GAME ON has been great, I can't thank you enough
  3. I am eating foods I never had before and loving them
  4. I can not believe I gave lust 9 lbs in 11 days
  5. I have been on the plan 11 days and am wearing Capris that were too tight to wear before , now they are loose
  6. I am so glad I was asked to do this
  7. Just stick with it truthfully and honestly for the first week and the results you will see and feel will motivate you to continue
  8. It had been 6 days and I can feel my ribs again!
  9. My bra is looser after just one week
  10. I can not believe how easy it had been
  11. Before the plan I was drinking 6 diet sodas a day , now I have only had a couple
  12. I went on vacation to an amusement park for 4 days and only ate approved food . I took two coolers with all my food
  13. I love all the girls in GAME ON! Such a great support group
  14. I can not believe how satisfied and full I feel eating thus way
  15. I bought enough food to last the month, with the exception of buying additional fresh here and there and it comes out to 71 cents per meal!
  16. I feel like I eating like a Queen
  17. Karen was right, it's really not that hard
  18. I feel great!
  19. Mrs dash is my new best friend
  20. I love Karens fake Peach Pie
  21. It's amazing - trying to get more calories in and finding it hard'
  22. I am so excited to do this
  23. I have not felt this " In control " for a long time
  24. " I feel so good today. Love hsndles melting, not bloated , I am even having a good hair day"
  25. You know it's going to b a good day when you try on 3 Pairs of dress pants and they are all way too big!
  26. I saw a number on the scales on day 19 that I have not seem in years
  27. This had been so much easier than I thought it would be !
  28. I can not believe how I used to cook a pork loin.
  29. I get to cut my blood pressure med in half and probably get off it completely.
  30. My belly is not hanging over my pants today ! I can breath!
  31. Someone told me my skin is glowing!
  32. I used to have such dry skin that it hurt! Now it is so soft I can't stop touching it
  33. I had healthy fried apples this morning , they were so good I felt like I was cheating!
  34. I had never had Salmon before!
  35. I had cantaloupe for the first time this week, now I have bought 2 more!
  36. Turnip greens chips!!!