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The small decisions and choices you make every day have a big impact on your ultimate goal and overall lifetime of health and fitness.


What is “GAME ON”

Many times I'm asked what my GAME ON Nutrition challenge is. I am always thrilled to explain it, as it really is my passion.

I take a small group of people every 3 months , and give them all the knowledge they need to help them have the best nutrition they have ever had in their life and feel the best they have ever felt in their life, and a general all-around healthy way of thinking and decision-making. The first month is very strict. Think of it as a great way to thoroughly cleanse your body.

1st Month:

  • No processed food *No dairy - no grain ( eliminating these, many times helps people to realize that their bodies do not do well with them.) If desired, healthy sources of these things can be gradually added in the second month *80 oz of water a day
  • Work out 1 hr a day
  • Log food daily. I check your food logs every day. I am in touch with you at least one time a day, usually more. This is done in My fitness pal
  • Group support. I form a Facebook page and only the people in your group can see anything on there or post anything on there. It is been shown that having a good support group is one of the things for continued success, not just for weight loss, but for making healthy habits stick.
  • Monthly goals will be set for you, there is great success at people meeting or surpassing these goals.
  • You are provided all of the information that you need to reach these goals.
  • A kick off meeting is held about two weeks prior to your group starting date.
  • No drinks to buy. * Definitely no pills or medication to take.
  • GAME ON is not just for weight loss, this is teaching you how to live and eat. If weight-loss is needed, that is usually a side effect of living a healthier lifestyle.
  • Increased confidence, motivation, energy, and mental clarity are what you can expect.

After the first month. I coach you on how to gradually add things back in to your nutrition plan. My goal is that this become something that is natural to you, Acknowledging that there will be mistakes made, and that the purpose of those mistakes is to learn.

The cost for the 3months is $250.00- half of that is due at the time that you sign up, in order to hold your spot.

Message me if you want in, or need more information.

Karen Geninatti 217-825-7957
Owner/ Trainer Geninatti Gym
HIT classes/ Boot Camp
" GAME ON " Nutrition Challenge
World Ranked Tower Runner
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