Fit Tips

If you do not take steps to take care of your physical condition, who will?


Q. What Supplements should I take?
A. A clean diet will produce much better results than ANY Supplement! I do often suggest protein supplements , as most people have a hard time getting the amount of protein they need from whole foods. Most important supplement? WATER!

Q. What is the best kind of exercise to do?
A. This is a question that will have a different answer for each person, depending on what your goals are. You do need to be getting Cardiovascular, Strength Training and Stretching exercises … on a consistent basis. So…for most people the BEST exercises would be ones that they like and enjoy, so that they do them consistently, which is the real key to success.

Q. What exercises should I be doing to get rid of this flab on my stomach?
A. First of all…Your “stomach” is an internal organ, and yes, there may be fat covering it, but most likely the fat you are referring to is the fat “ON TOP OF YOUR ABDOMINAL AREA”. While it is important to do abdominal strengthening exercises to strengthen the abdominal muscles, you abs will not look the way you want them to unless you get rid of the fat on top of them. That requires eating a healthy, balanced, low fat, portion controlled diet and also cardiovascular exercise.

Q. How do you stay motivated?
A. I stay motivated by setting goals and making a plan which will lead me to them. But what motivates one person may not motivate another. YOU have to find out what works for you, ..BUT Everyone needs a plan to follow. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

Q. How much should I weigh?
A. I do not like to go by height and weight charts. Do you feel comfortable at your weight? If not, you need to decrease your body fat. Do you like what you see in the mirror? If not, you need to change it. The most accurate and convenient way of measuring body fat is skin fold calipers. Most Health clubs can do this for you. Your best ways of telling if you are gaining fat are how your clothes are fitting, what you see in the mirror and a tape measure. I’d rather see someone take their waist measurement every morning than weigh every morning.

Q. How many Carbohydrates should I be taking in?
A. This depends on what you do on a daily basis, your activity level. What is most important is the TYPE of Carbohydrates you eat, how much of them and WHEN you eat them. A marathon runner needs more than a person who sits at a desk all day and only exercises moderately.

Q. How long will it take me to (you pick) lose 20 lbs…get toned glutes…lose this fat from under my arms…and the list goes on.
A. This depends on how much effort you put into your workouts and how consistent you stay with a good nutrition plan.

Q. Why is it so hard to lose fat as we get older?
A. A natural part of aging is muscle loss…The less muscle we have, the fewer amount of calories your body burns, even at rest. That is why strength training is so important. We are also generally less active as we get older, burning less calories. We also often UNDERESTIMATE the amount of food we take in.

Q. How can I get my diet on track?
A. The #1 thing I feel you can do in order to get your nutrition in order is to keep a FOOD LOG daily! Write down EVERY bite you eat. You are just not aware of what you put into your mouth until you see it on paper. It is a “Reality” check.

Q. “Why CAN’T I stay with an exercise program”? “Why CAN’T I stick with my diet”?
A. You just answered that one yourself. You constantly tell yourself you “CAN’T”!! Your have to believe in yourself and tell yourself you CAN do it. That you Will do it. If you say you “CAN’T”, you WON’T!